Trio Activ3


3 ruedas, infinitas posibilidades de moviemiento!


Trío Activ3, el nuevo trío para actividades deportivas y padres dinámicos

Activ3 es el trío ideal para los padres que disfrutan del aire libre y quieren compartir con sus niños de su estilo de vida activo.

El trío Activ3 es funcional y fácil de manejar, adecuado para todo tipo de terreno gracias a los neumáticos planos XL y suspensión trasera ajustable.
Con Trío Activ3 tu hijo podrá pasear con total comodidad y protección, y será estimulado para descubrir todas las maravillas de la naturaleza!


One hand folding

Activ3 can be intuitively folded with just one hand: with an easy and quick movement, the stroller is closed and ready for transport.


Ultra compact stroller

When closed, Activ3 is really compact and easy to carry. It is also possible to remove the wheels if needed.


Easy to manage

The practical manual commands on the handle let you break the stroller or activate the front swiveling wheel very easily. 


Rubber wheels

The wheels are puncture free and with shock absorbers adjustable in 2 positions to adapt the setting’s stroller to every terrain and guarantee stability and an easy drive in every situation.


Comfort since the first days

Spacious and well padded seat to ensure always the best comfort for babies. Adjustable and fully reclining backrest to make Activ3 perfect for the first naps outdoor.


XXL canopy with UV50+ protection

The hood has a double windows to always keep the contact with the baby. It can be extended and, thanks to the UV50+ protection, allows comfortable excursions in any weather condition.



Wide and well padded comfortable seat. Always for the maximum comfort, Activ3 includes also shoulder and crotch straps padded. 


Bumper bar

The padded, removable bumper bar, is compatible with Auto-Fix car seat: it allows you to use the stroller also as a travel system.


Perfect nest for the first months

Breathable fabrics, reclining inner backrest and perforated base for an excellent ventilation for the baby; they make Activ3 carrycot the ideal place for his first naps.  


Easy to use

Very quick and intuitive attaching system to the frame. Just one gesture and the carrycot will be on.


Perfect ventilation

The carrycot’s hood has a mesh insert which can be opened with a zip, to ensure the best air circulation  ventilation even in the hottest months


Adjustable backrest

The internal backrest can be easily adjusted with one hand from the outside, without disturbing the baby. 


Safe and comfortable

Trio Activ3 included the Auto-Fix fast car seat, which is compliant with the ECE R44/04 regulation for the transport of children up to 13 kg (Group 0+); the perfect mix of safety, comfort and ease of use.

The base is always included.



Removable reducer cushion to ensure the correct posture of the baby during its first months. Shoulder and crotch straps padded included for comfortable car trips.


Car installation

It is a rear facing car seat, which can be fitted with or without a base.


Easy to use

Thanks to the Clik Clak device, it is very easy to attach and detach the car seat from the stroller frame.


Rain cover

Practical and wide full rain cover, to protect your baby from wind and rain. 


Leg cover

Padded leg cover to let your baby explore the world even in the winter days.


Parent tray

The stroller is equipped with a handy storage tray, perfect for placing the small objects that you bring with you in your strolls. 


Kit comfort

Activ3 is super comfortable for your baby, thanks to the padded shoulder and crotch straps.


Car Kit

The car kit for the carrycot car transportation is always included.

Easy and intuitive carrycot attachment.

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Código: 00079270720000

Trio Activ3


Opened dimensions: h. 102-113* w. 64* l.116-121 cm Folded dimensions: h. 95* w. 64* l.38 cm Weight: 11.5 kgs


Dimensions: h. 60/65* w. 45* l.90 cm Weight: 4.8 kgs

Car Seat

Dimensions: h. 58* w. 44* l.67 cm Weight with base: 6.8 kgs Weight without base: 4.7 kgs


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  • Información técnica

    Código: 79270720000

    Trio Activ3


    Opened dimensions: h. 102-113* w. 64* l.116-121 cm Folded dimensions: h. 95* w. 64* l.38 cm Weight: 11.5 kgs


    Dimensions: h. 60/65* w. 45* l.90 cm Weight: 4.8 kgs

    Car Seat

    Dimensions: h. 58* w. 44* l.67 cm Weight with base: 6.8 kgs Weight without base: 4.7 kgs

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