My favourite chef is... my Mum!

All you need for easily prepare your baby's meal starting from ingredients chosen by you


The weaning moment.

Weaning is a key moment in the growth of a child, who gradually switches from milk to diversified food with new tastes and textures.

Preparing food at home ensures a number of advantages and today, using the right tools, is also easy and quick.


Steam cooking.

For healthy and tasty food steam cook meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, keeping in this way the natural taste food, preserving their nutrients, and favouring their digestibility.


Different food textures.

Preparing food at home allows to obtain different and increasing textures  in order to gradually accustom the baby, following his natural development.

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With the help of recipe books and using fantasy you'll be able to prepare for your baby a lot of different and tasty food, choosing fresh ingredients basing on his preferences and his development stage.